Occupational Health and Safety


Facilities and Occupational Safety


Astragraphia consistently applies the principles of Occupational Safety and Health throughout the company, which stipulates that every worker has the right to protection by ensuring safety in the workplace for their well-being, and for increasing production, as well as national productivity. As part of Astragraphia’s commitment to occupational health and safety, Astragraphia’s Board of Directors has established the Occupational Health and Safety, and Environment Advisory Committee (P2K3L Team) to ensure that OHS has been applied to the smallest work unit. Astragraphia has also earned the ISO 45001 as the standard implementation of occupational health and safety within the company.

Occupational Accident Rate


In 2021, there were no workplace accidents in Astragraphia. To prevent and respond to accidents in work areas, the company regularly holds emergency response training for every employee. To reduce the potential for work accidents, various safety signs and instructions are hung up in places with high visibility so they are more eye-catching and readable to the employees.

Prevention and Handling of Covid-19


The health and safety of employees is the company’s top priority. Since the Covid-19 pandemic took place, Astragraphia has taken steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among employees in accordance with government regulations and applicable health protocols. Through the formation of the COVID-19 Pandemic Task Force team at the head office and in branches, Astragraphia carried out various prevention activities, including:


  • Implementation of a dedicated split team to limit the number of employees working from office and home

  • Adjustment of working hours and system 

  • Disinfection the work environment and maintain a clean work environment regularly

  • Provide cleaning facilities in the office area.

  • Monitor the activities and health of workers by implementing the Covid-19 risk self-assessment

  • Measurements of body temperature at work entry points 

  • Implementation of health protocols and physical distancing

  • Provide Covid-19 vaccinations for employees and their families through the Vaksin Gotong Royong or facilitating employees to participate in the Government Vaccine Program.

  • Maximize the use of technology to reduce direct contact 

  • Deliver education and up-to-date information to all employees