Unit of Internal Audit

Nur Machfud Head of Internal Audit

An Indonesian citizen, appointed as the Head of Internal Audit Unit of Astragraphia by the president director and was was approved by the Board of Commissioners on 2 January 2019, and reported to the Financial Services Authority and the Indonesia Stock Exchange on 2 January 2019. Joined Astragraphia in 1998 as an Internal Auditor before holding several managerial positions as Finance & Administration and Warehouse & Distribution prior to being appointed as the Head of Internal Audit Unit on January 2019.Obtained a Bachelor Degree of Economy Accounting from STIE YKPN Yogyakarta Business School in 1998.

Internal Audit Personeel

As of 31 December 2021, the total number of employees at Astragraphia’s Internal Audit was 5 (five) persons, including the Head of Internal Audit.

The Internal Audit Personnel have met the following requirements:

  1. Displaying integrity and professional behavior, independent, honest, and objective in carrying out their duties.
  2. Having knowledge and experience regarding technical auditing and other disciplines relevant to their field of work.
  3. Having knowledge and insight into the laws and regulations in the capital market and other related laws and regulations.
  4. Proactive in understanding the Company’s business activities.
  5. Proficient at communicating effectively, both orally and in writing.
  6. Understanding the principles of good corporate governance and risk management.
  7. Striving to continuously improve their knowledge, skills and professional abilities.
  8. Complying with the Internal Audit Code of Ethics and meet the professional standards issued by the Internal Audit association.


Qualification/ Certification 

In order to ensure the quality of audit activities, Internal Audit is supported by professional audit staff who have been certified and had taken adequate external training programs. The Internal Audit has also met the qualifications of The International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF), and is a member of The Institute of Internal Auditors Indonesia.


Internal Audit Structure

The Internal Audit Function assists the Board of Directors in carrying out objective and independent consulting and internal supervisory activities, as well as the Management in achieving its objectives by using a systematic and disciplined approach in evaluating and increasing the effectiveness of the Company’s risk management, control, and corporate governance processes. 

The Head of the Internal Audit Unit is responsible to the President Director and functionally to the Board of Commissioners through the Audit Committee. This is to support the unit’s independence and ensure the implementation of its duties and responsibilities, as well as the authority to monitor the follow-up of the recommendations associated with the audit results.


Duties and Responsibilities

Astragraphia uses the COSO (the Committe of the Sponsoring Organization of the Treadway Commission) framework when implementing its internal control system, from environmental control, risk assessment, control activities, information and communication to supervision and evaluation of internal controls, including financial and operational control. 

Internal controls are realized in the form of:

  1. Structured internal control environment at all levels of the Company’s Management in relation to authority and responsibility, performance standards, control procedures and reporting mechanisms.
  2. Risk management and other controllers assist the management to measure the level of risk and control and to perform periodic monitoring of the implementation of the control function.
  3. Audit implementation is carried out by the Internal Audit Unit to ensure the effectiveness of the Company’s internal control.
  4. Follow-up of Internal Audit results by the Audit Committee, the Board of Directors, and the Company’s Management forums, including monitoring the follow-up status.


Internal Audit Work Guidelines 

Astragraphia has an Internal Audit Unit Charter based on the Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 56/ POJK.04/2015 on the Establishment and Guidelines for the Preparation of the Internal Audit Unit Charter.  On 4 January 2021, the Internal Audit Unit updated the Internal Audit Unit Charter, which has been approved by the Board of Commissioners and ratified by the Board of Directors.