Astragraphia At a Glance

PT Astra Graphia Tbk (Astragraphia) is a public company with the stock code ASGR which was established in 1975 and has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1989. As a pillar of Astra's business in the information technology sector, Astragraphia focuses on the scope of the Printing and Digital Services business.


Astragraphia has a Document Solution business portfolio with exclusive partner FUJIFILM Business Innovation, presenting end-to-end solutions ranging from personal printing needs, offices, Graphic Art to managed print services. 


Astragraphia also has a subsidiary, namely PT Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT) which serves the needs of Information Technology Solutions, especially Digital Services through collaboration with world-class strategic partners as well as own solutions that include hardware, software, services, and a subsidiary PT Astragraphia Xprins Indonesia ( AXI) which serves Office Solutions through the e-commerce service as a One Click Office Solution, the first B2B online printing service in Indonesia, also 3D printing.