Astragraphia has two subsidiaries, namely PT Astra Graphia Information Technology and PT Astragraphia Xprins Indonesia.

PT Astra Graphia Information Technology

AGIT is a Digital Service Provider, provides one stop Solution on Digital Services. We bring the concept of digitize things (digitize everything), to help and to assist our customers in performing their digital transformation through the implementation on digital technology & digital solutions. We have four main pillars in our Digital Solution Portfolios that cover the entire journey required to conduct digital transformation starting from Digital Strategy, Digital ICT Foundation, Digital Platform, and Digital Services.

PT Astragraphia Xprins Indonesia

AXI focuses on business development that is related to Office Services (Office Equipment, Office Supplies, Document Outsourcing and Distribution) through three of their business units, namely Layan Gerak, PrintQoe and 3D Printing. The synergy of these solutions is expected to transform AXI into The Preferred Partner in Office Services.