Environmentally Friendly Products


With the main principal, Astragraphia continues to encourage innovation and development of environmentally friendly products through raw materials that have been proven to be environmentally friendly and reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions in the printing process significantly. Several environmentally friendly products marketed by Astragraphia provide service features that can improve the efficiency of business processes, which lead to cost saving and carbon emissions cutting due to more efficient electricity usage. In addition, these three products are also supported by the use of a toner known as The SUPER EAECO Toner, which can reduce the impact of environmental damage and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 35% with the application of the latest technology where printouts can stick to paper at a temperature of 10% lower than regular toner.

Fujifilm Apeos C7070 Series

Fujifilm Apeos 2150NDA

Fujifilm Apeos C325 Series

Fujifilm ApeosPro C650

Fujifilm ApeosWide 3030/6050

Fujifilm Revoria Press E1 Series

Fujifilm Revoria PressTM PC1120