Employee Competency Training and Development

Employee Competency Development


Employee development is carried out both in competence enhancement and capability adjustment. Therefore, Astragraphia executed numerous activities related to employee development and training which involved employees at all levels and down to the branches using various methods and capturing many emerging opportunities.

Career Development


The company’s choice of leaders is identified based on an assessment of their Astra leadership competency and consistent track record.

Employee Engagement


Astragraphia focuses on employee engagement as an important part of maintaining productivity, performance, and happiness.


On a larger scale, the company maintains employee engagement through communication between leaders and subordinates, including directions, strategies, and information on company achievements regularly. Astragraphia also continues to carry out both collective and personal employee activities, such as awards for the best employees, contests and competitions, outside office activities, commemoration of certain days, and others.

Composition of Number of Innovation Projects

Innovative and adaptive are keywords for Astragraphia to survive in the midst of increasingly tough competition. For this reason, Astragraphia continuously encourages employees to build a culture of innovation in all business lines through the Quality Innovation program. This event provides an opportunity for every employee to become an innovator and always gives appreciation for superior and quality innovation projects through the Astragraphia Quality Innovation Convention.