Opening Insight for MSMEs Coffee, Astragraphia Holds ASIK Class in Buleleng

On October 21, 2022 PT Astra Graphia Tbk (Astragraphia) again provided training for the Astragraphia Class for Creative Industries (ASIK Class) in the Buleleng area, Bali, which was attended by 29 MSME players in the coffee sector. This ASIK class is the second collaboration with the Business & Export Development Organization (BEDO) and the Buleleng Regency Government.

Robertus Selpihade - representative of Astragraphia Denpasar branch introducing Astragraphia

Robertus Selpihade as the representative of Astragraphia Denpasar branch started the training by explaining the profile of Astragraphia to the distribution of graphic art partners throughout Indonesia, including Buleleng, Bali. The first material was presented by Indana Ulfah Sitompul – Astragraphia's Business Application Designer entitled 'Digital Printing Application Trends for Coffee MSME Packaging', and continued by Dr. I Nyoman Larry Julianto, S.Sn., M.Ds. – Member of AIDIA & Lecturer of Master's Degree in Design from ISI Denpasar with the material 'Color Trend 2023 for MSME Coffee Packaging.'

Indana Ulfah Sitompul – Business Application Designer Astragraphia is delivering material

In addition to presenting resource persons who are competent in their fields, Astragraphia also provides printing facilities for stickers, labels, and various other promotional needs for free through FUJIFILM Business Innovation digital printing machines at print shops that are Astragraphia's partners.

Arie Rahman – Teleng Indah Printing explained the printing services they provide

In the ASIK class this time, Astragraphia collaborated with Teleng Indah Printing, located in Buleleng, so that it was easier for MSME participants to print their promotional needs. MSME participants can also consult in advance about the designs they have prepared, before they are printed. The advantage of printing using digital printing is that there is no need to print in large quantities at once. Especially for MSEs who are still trying to design their products. This is an obstacle that is often experienced by MSMEs, which can now be overcome with the presence of digital printing technology from FUJIFILM Business Innovation.