Corporate Social Responsibilities

For the sustainability of the business in the environmental concern aspect, Astragraphia took various measures related to various aspects, namely: the supply of products, the working environment, and external activities related to environmental responsibility. In the supply of products, Astragraphia supplies products that are environmentally friendly, in both the consumables used and the raw materials of these products.

Astragraphia has also implemented a product safety management system to the maintenance of all customer machines, which is aimed at ensuring that machines are used safely by customers and by technicians maintaining these machines.

From the environmental aspect, Astragraphia prioritizes stationery items such as paper and whiteboard markers stated by their producers to be environmentally friendly, and the use of recycled paper for documents. Related to AGC and AFC, Astragraphia continues to run energy (electricity, water and fuel) efficiency programs such as reducing the use of electric lights, reducing the use of elevators outside office, campaigning for efficiencies in water use and optimizing the consumption of fuel oil for business operational activities.

Astragraphia guarantees sustainability through social activities, particularly related to people living around offices and branches. Activities carried out in 2014 were:


  • Donations for people living near the company, in the form of routine donations for people living near the company in the form of cash and necessary goods. Included in these activities Astragraphia employees were voluntary collections of cash and goods for the needy, especially orphanages, at major religious celebrations such as Idul Fitri, Idul Adha and Christmas. 
  • Blood Donations, by Astragraphia employees every year in cooperation with the Jakarta branch of the Indonesian Red Cross, with an average of 70 participants per session.
  • Competence Aid Program (CAP), an information technology program provided to enhance training for college students majoring in technical engineering.
  • Participate in SEMANGAT ASTRA TERPADU UNTUK INDONESIA activity, where Astragraphia take the role in the one environment activity, Gema Islami with Perisai, and the donations for natural disasters.
Kegiatan Pelaksanaan Waktu Pelaksanaan Biaya (Rupiah)
Donor Darah dilakukan 3 kali setahun dengan peserta 90 orang Tim PMI AG bekerja sama dengan PMI Kramat Raya Januari-Desember 67,280,000 
Pelaksanaan CAP CSS dan Learning & Development Januari-Desember 80,000,000
Sumbangan/ donasi kegiatan sosial eksternal dan internal BAPOR Pengurus BAPOR Januari-Desember 368,053,200
Total      515,333,200