Product and Service Responsibilities

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection, Astragraphia always strives to provide the best products and services to customers, and is responsible for the products and solutions provided. This was reflected in:


Information on Goods and / or Services

Astragraphia sells goods with instructions for use and specifications in printed and electronic documents that can be accessed through the Astragraphia Document Solution website. Before the process of handing over the equipment to the customer, Astragraphia provided short training to prospective users on how to use the machine and how to maintain the machine simple. In addition, customers can also contact customer service provided by Astragraphia.

Customer Health and Safety

As a form of Astragraphia's responsibility to the health and safety of customers, Astragraphia provides the following services:

  1. Providing recommendations regarding the customer's work environment in accordance with basic safety provisions related to temperature, humidity of the room, electrical power, machine layout to the user's work area, and other criteria before installing the machine (Pre-Installation Assessment),
  2. Delivering safety instructions verbally and in printed documents to customers,
  3. Ensure that the engine device meets safety standards, and continue to monitor and repair as needed throughout the use of the machine on a regular and incidental basis,
  4. Providing education on health, safety and work safety to technicians on an ongoing basis,
  5. Perform waste material management after withdrawal from customers is done.


After Sales Service and Countermeasures for Customer Complaints

Astragraphia's responsibilities include before and after the purchase of products & solutions. In addition to describing usage and safety instructions, Astragraphia is committed to providing after-sales services in the form of periodic and incidental inspection and repair. Through the Customer Contact Center (CCC), Astragraphia actively receives complaints and proactively takes action to resolve customer complaints, both through telephone directives, and technician visits to customer locations.

The CCC system is supported by the implementation of the Service Territory Management and Guaranteed Tracking Respond System which enables Astragraphia to:

  1. Assign the nearest technician to make repairs,
  2. Immediately send a replacement technician if the first technician is unable to come to the customer's location,
  3. Provide information on the estimated time of arrival of the technician, monitor, and ensure completion of customer machine repairs for each technician's arrival,
  4. Ensure and maintain timely delivery of consumables,
  5. Conduct random re-checking to ensure complete problem solving and customer satisfaction.

In maintaining customer satisfaction, Astragraphia has a program called 3 Hours Downtime (3HDT). This program is valid in the metro area (where Astragraphia branch offices are located) spread throughout Indonesia. Through this program, Astragraphia is committed to addressing customer machine problems in less than 3 hours, starting from the time of receipt of a customer complaint.

Means of Handling Customer Complaints

To facilitate customers in finding information and submit complaints about products, solutions, and services.

Astragraphia provides several delivery facilities:
Phone: 1500 345
Email: and
Website: and

Subsidiary - AGIT also has a consumer complaint center as a place to find information for consumers who have difficulties with information technology solutions that have been provided by contacting: 
Phone: (021) 29241177

Meanwhile, the consumer complaint center of the subsidiary - AXI is:
Phone: (021) 1500 936

Impact on Goods and / or Services Responsibility Activities

In general, Astragraphia always presents responsible services, provides continuous education, both to customers and Astragraphia's own HR, as well as managing waste properly in accordance with applicable regulations. This has an impact on reducing the risk of work accidents, increasing productivity and user safety, and improving the quality of the work environment at the customer's location.


Activity Plan related to Product and / or Service Responsibility

In 2020, Astragraphia will improve after-sales services for customer satisfaction, as well as increase the intensity of the management of waste materials on a regular basis to help create a better environment.