WORKBOOK, Astragraphia Commitment for Indonesian Children Education

Jakarta, March 21, 2017 - PT Astra Graphia Tbk, one of the subsidiaries of Astra International in Information Technology, today announced the ongoing "Workbook" social program run with support from SOS Children's Villages Indonesia. This program is an initiative of PT Astra Graphia Tbk and part of the company's ongoing social commitment to improve the education of Indonesian children. By contributing to print and produce books containing educational content for children who need more support in accessing quality educational content.

UNICEF data (2016) says that more than 50 percent of the total 80 million children in Indonesia live at a cost of fewer than two dollars per day. This condition makes them have limited funds and facilities, so can not get access to quality educational content. The program also runs as part of Astragraphia's rapid response to delivering educational and interactive content, so that Indonesian children, ages 5 to 7, can gain more knowledge. The program of our Fuji Xerox principals' reference will be run in conjunction with SOS Children's Villages Indonesia. It is expected that the program will last up to 3 years ahead can reach more than 10.000 children in need in Indonesia.

Arifin Pranoto, Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk said, "Our Astragraphia CSR activities are in accordance with the Public Contribution Roadmap which is one of 4 Pillars of CSR Astra namely in Social Development and Education Society. Here we understand that every child has different needs, coupled with an international partner, in this case, SOS Children Village Indonesia which focuses on child development, we believe through the method of learning tools provided can be beneficial for the development of children Indonesia."

"We appreciate the social initiatives undertaken by Astragraphia and Fuji Xerox to help improve the quality of Indonesian children's education through the provision of books containing educational content and we are very excited to run the program. In the midst of a very dynamic development of ICT, Indonesian children who have not been able to reach education through these technologies, are expected to keep accessing positive and secure education content through this workbook program, "said Gregor Hadi Nitihardjo, National Director, SOS Children's Villages Indonesia.

In the early stages of 2017, Astragraphia has printed 3,500 books containing children's educational content in the areas of Meulaboh, Medan, and Maumere. The book that will be given has been adapted to the needs and characteristics of Indonesian children. To assist the implementation of this Workbook program, the distribution of books for children and training for faculty will be conducted by SOS Children's Villages Indonesia for 3 years, starting from 2017-2019 in Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, Aceh, Maumere, Semarang, Jogja and, Bali.

Astragraphia understands the development of education is the job of all of us. In previous CSR activities, Astragraphia also contributed socially by working with Social Organizations such as Mitra Netra and YPAC. Each year Astragraphia provides IT training to high school students and is known as the Competence Aid Program (CAP).