Welcoming National Customer Day 2017, Astragraphia Emphasize Importance of Service Excellence to Fuji Xerox Multifunction Users (MFD)

Commemorating the National Customer Day (Harpelnas) every September 4, 2017, Astragraphia Document Solution today held an activity that demonstrates the company's commitment to providing service excellence and a maximum satisfaction guarantee for customers of MFD Fuji Xerox in order to Harpelnas 2017. Among them is the action to serve customers directly conducted by Astragraphia's management team, as well as commitment to innovate to improve service excellence, one of them by re-emphasizing 3 Hour Downtime (3H Downtime) service innovation

Currently, Astragraphia Customer Contact Center team receives more than 1,500 service requests per day, received through phone, email and SMS services. Services provided, such as Fuji Xerox MFD engine repair, consumables, online repairs, and demand for new prospect offers. All of these services are supported by Astragraphia Document Solution's sales and after-sales service network which reaches up to 514 cities and counties across the archipelago, supported by 86 certified System Analysts and 300 highly qualified and trained Customer Engineers to ensure productivity of document solutions at the existing Fuji Xerox MFD engine can run well. Customers can directly call Halo Astragraphia at 1500345 which operates every Monday - Friday at 06.00 - 18.00 WIB and Saturday 08:00 - 12:00 WIB.

This is surely the realization of Astragraphia Document Solution's commitment to being a trusted print document solutions provider that inspires the improvement of customer business through the best systems and processes. The importance of customers as corporate assets is also expressed by Bill Gates as Microsoft founder, "Your unhappy customers are your greatest source of warning", so it is important for the company to keep Astragraphia customers happy and satisfied.