See the Potential of Graphic Art, Astragraphia Holds a Customer Gathering in Karawang

Jakarta, 22 November 2018 – Along with the development of technology, Graphic Art or what we usually know as fine art has also been growing. This has become one of the factors that support the success of the printing business. Therefore, we can say that the printing business will certainly be a business that has the potential to continue to be developed. Seeing the potential of Graphic Art and this printing business, Astragraphia held a Customer Gathering event in Karawang.

In order to strengthen our customer relations and provide knowledge about digital printing technology, Astragraphia continues to directly approach its customers. One of the approaches taken by Astragraphia is to hold a Customer Gathering event in several regions and cooperate with the particular branch offices. On Thursday, November 22, 2018, Astragraphia held a Customer Gathering event in Karawang. In this event, Astragraphia invited customers to attend and get updated information about digital printing technology and the latest products from Fuji Xerox.

Through this event, Astragraphia wants to deliver the latest update on the development of digital printing technology, which is closely related to the creative industry. As the exclusive distributor of Fuji Xerox Japan in Indonesia, Astragraphia continues to provide the best for its customers. Fuji Xerox, the pioneer in printing technology, currently has the most sophisticated digital printing machines to support the customer’s business. This Customer Gathering was held to provide up-to-date and more in-depth education and information about the latest product which is the current hero of the Fuji Xerox machine, Iridesse Production Press.

The information is delivered through a presentation session. Not only that, to provide an interactive activity at this Customer Gathering, Astragraphia also held a Talk Show. At the Talk Show, Astragraphia invited the first customer who had used the Fuji Xerox Iridesse Production Press machine to share about his experience in using the machine, Mr. Kirjanto Sudarmawan.

At this Talk Show, Mr. Kirjanto shared his testimonial of using the Fuji Xerox Iridesse Production Press machine. He talked about the advantages and opportunities of the printing business. This Talk Show turned out to be successful to attract the attention and enthusiasm of the invited guests, they were very active to throw the questions they needed to convince themselves to use the Iridesse Production Press machine.

Fathi Bawazier, the owner of Cipta Grafika is one of Astragraphia's customers who attended this event, he said, "Iridesse is, no doubt, the best of the best. At first, there are many considerations before I bought Iridesse. The service quality of Astragraphia is great. However, I still need to look for more information about the machine itself." He also said that "What I think is the most useful for the participants, is a testimonial from Pak Yanto, the first owner of Iridesse. And of course, that's the insight we need, "

The Iridesse Production Press printing machine is the first digital machine in the world with technology that can produce metallic colors on the mold. Iridesse Production Press has 4 main colors; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK) and additional special colors; Silver, Gold, White and Clear (Spot). During the event, Astragraphia showed the print results (print sample) of the Iridesse machine using various special colors. The print samples, printed with various paper sizes, different paper thicknesses, and different special color applications.

With the sophisticated features, Iridesse has, it is expected to be able to answer the challenges of the creative industry. As stated by Mr. Rafiq Rahmana, Karawang Branch Manager of PT Astra Graphia Tbk "I think Mr. Yanto’s review about the machine is very useful for our potential customers.” With the presence of this Fuji Xerox Iridesse Production Press machine, Astragraphia customers can continue to explore and develop their business without being limited to standard colors and supporting creative businesses to continue to grow in the future.