One to One Marketing? Marketing Concept That More Focuses

Imagine if the middle pile of brochure you received, you find a holiday brochure matched to your liking and seems specially printed for you. Special printed brochure, not only put your name but also know some important things which can finally formulate your wishes well. A survey, it has been proved that the way of communicating a more focused, more personalized, and more relevant to customers through “personalized document”, will increase the response rate and revenue simultaneously up to 48%! (Data: Personalized & Database Printing: the Complete Guide by David Brody & Frank Romano).

Personalized document is one application that was discussed in seminar 1 to 1 marketing (read: one to one marketing) which is held by PT Astra Graphia Tbk. Attended by nearly 300 invitations, one day seminar held on 20 July 2006 was opened with Rhenald Kasali presentation, a marketing expert who served as keynote speaker. “customers who have the same background, not necessarily have the same options too. Every individual is unique. Thus the customer will feel more cared for when they were treated by personal or customize,” thus conveyed by Rhenald when describing the important of the concept of 1 to 1 marketing nowadays. “Technology development rapidly allows mass customization happened, which customize but for many people,” he added.

1 to 1 Marketing concepts, is not a concept that is still a great idea. This concept has become an implementation with good business and obtained satisfactory results in Australia, as described by Andrew Wanandy. As a Sales and Marketing Manager of the company's integrated document management that is based in Sidney, Andrew kiat-kiatnya in helping customers share successful marketing program through digital print service, variable data, design and print management. "Implementation 1 to 1 marketing with digital printing show increasing trends in Australia, as well as in Indonesia later," according to Andrew.

As closure in this seminar, Patrick Bernau, Production Sevices Business Manager, Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. told the success story of 1 to 1 marketing in foreign countries. According to Patrick, Fuji Xerox provides diverse applications that support the success of its customers to implement 1 to 1 marketing. One of them is iGen3, a unified solution for color digital printing that is able to print customize document with diverse application in high speed.

Looking the enthusiasm of the seminar participants  from beginning until the end of the show, Astragraphia as the exclusive distributor of Fuji Xerox, plan to hold similar seminars in the future with a wide array of new topics that can help improve business productivity of their customers. Astragraphia hope technologies that developed innovative  and consistently by Fuji Xerox and Astragraphia can be enjoyed more widely by the public.