Social Contribution : Astragraphia Gives Scholarship for 8 Outstanding Children of SMK Infokom Bogor

The Company's culture is believed to be one of the lasting pillars of an organization. Likewise for Astragraphia, VIPS is a strong foundation for the sustainability of the company. The first and foremost pillar is 'Valuable to the Nation and Life', where the manifestation is in the form of various sustainable social contribution programs.
One of the pillars of the superior social contribution possessed by Astragraphia is in the field of education, namely CAP (Competence Aid Program). The CAP program has been held by Astragraphia 73 times in the past 10 years, with a total study time of 7,920 hours. This time, the target of the CAP program is vocational students who focus on the field of network technology.

After passing the selection, INFOKOM Vocational Schools in Bogor were chosen to become Astragraphia partners in the 2019 CAP program. Forty students with the best ranks from grades 10 and 11 were entitled to attend training for 6 days from April 23-26 and 2 - 3 May 2019, where teaching staff are employees of Astragraphia who have the ability and certification in the field. On the last day, the instructor gave a test to find out how much students absorbed the lessons given and made sure the training program provided was effective.

The specialty of the CAP 2019 program this time is that Astragraphia provides scholarships for one year to eight students with the best results that do require educational funding. The hope, in addition to creating a sense of pride, this assistance can further increase their motivation in pursuing the knowledge gained to be immediately implemented in the world of work.