ASIK Class for UMKM Sumsel-Babel at the end of 2020

Throughout 2020, Astragraphia has held 6 (six) times a series of Astragraphia Classes for Creative Industries (ASIK Class), which is aimed at Indonesian MSME players in the fashion, culinary and craft subsectors. The ASIK class is a series of mentoring activities for MSMEs in the form of online training on the importance of product display (packaging / label), creative applications for packaging / labels, digital printing technology, and also online promotions for MSMEs.

At the end of this year, Astragraphia once again held an ASIK Class which was attended by 70 MSME players in the South Sumatra and Bangka Belitung regions for two days, Thursday, December 10 2020 - Friday, December 11, 2020.

King Iriawan Sutanto - Director of Astragraphia (top left) giving a speech at the online training for ASIK Class for UMKM Sumsel - Babel 

At the opening of the King Iriawan Sutanto event, the Director of Astragraphia expressed his hope that the ASIK Class could be useful for micro and small businesses in creating product displays, because quality domestic products coupled with attractive product displays would greatly determine the increase in selling value and business turnover. The ASIK Sumsel Babel class event lasts for three hours every day and is hosted by Lucia Retno Astrini from Corporate Communications Astragraphia. Followed by an explanation from Fitri Yuliani, Head of Corporate Communications Astragraphia who introduced Astragraphia's company profile to all the participants present, including what ASIK Class is and also some social contribution programs that Astragraphia runs.

Taufick Zainurramadhani - Branch Representative Astragraphia is explaining Digital Printing

Aditomo Priyo Prakoso & Indana Ulfah Sitompul - Astragraphia's Business Application Designer is explaining about "Product Packaging / Label Design"

The ASIK Sumsel Babel class involved three Astragraphia people as competent resource persons in their respective fields, namely Taufick Zainurramadhani, Branch Manager of Astragraphia Palembang, Aditomo Priyo Prakoso and Indana Ulfah Sitompul, both of whom are Astragraphia Business Application Designers. The details of the material presented by the speakers are as follows:
1. Creative Application for Product Packaging by Aditomo Priyo Prakoso - Astragraphia's Business Application Designer
2. Digital Printing Technology by Taufick Zainurramadhani - Branch Representative Astragraphia
3. Graphic Design Trends for MSME Packaging by Eka Sofyan - Director of Paprieka Design and Secretary General of AIDIA
4. The Influence of Packaging on Consumer Behavior by DR. Sri Rahayu, SE.MM. - Director of Postgraduate UMPalembang and VP of UMM IMA Palembang Chapter
5. Eco-Friendly Product Packaging by Dwi Iskandar - Founder of Dwico Fashion Studio
6. Packaging / Product Label Design Workshop by Aditomo Priyo Prakoso & Indana Ulfah Sitompul - Astragraphia Business Application Designer

Aside from providing assistance in the form of online training, the ASIK class, which was initiated by Astragraphia, also facilitates MSME players with various promotions, such as the publication of business profiles on the communication media platform Astragraphia,, as well as free printing of business cards and A3 label stickers. , in Astragraphia's partner print shop in the South Sumatra and Babel regions, namely Data Network, Kreasindo Studio, and Garudha Grafika.
Thank you to all Astragraphia people who have contributed to the ASIK Class of South Sumatra Babel 10-11 December 2020. Let's together create a corporate culture to become a person and company that is increasingly beneficial to the nation and the fairy of life (Valuable to the Nation and Life).
Thank you and stay tuned for the next ASIK Class news!