Integrated Printing Solutions and E-Filing Documents for Notary and PPAT

Based on a report published by McKinsey Global Institute, Indonesia is predicted to be ranked the 7th country with the largest economy in the world. The data published by Bank Indonesia (BI) also included the projection of Indonesia's economic growth of 5.1 - 5.6% in 2018 which will certainly impact on the increasing economic transactions in Indonesia. This is reflected in the real sector, such as automotive, where Gaikindo (Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries) recorded a 4.9% increase in wholesales sales in the first two months of 2018 compared to the same period last year.

In addition, some supporting industries and professions will certainly get a positive impact with this growth, including the Notary profession is closely related to the deed of sale and purchase, the establishment of the company, to fiducia. Notary Profession is also commonly associated with the profession of Land Acquisition Official (PPAT) where this year the government through the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial / National Land Agency has a target to print 7 million land certificates or increase 40% from 5 million certificates in 2017.

But now the process of making the deed and other documents related to the need for notarization and PPAT still often get complaints because the process is very long and time consuming. This was conveyed also by President Joko Widodo in his speech at the International Seminar of Indonesian Notary Association (INI) last September in Bali. President Jokowi points out that, "As a businessman back then, I often dealt with a notary. From the experience it made me realize that it is so hard, so long the procedure of obtaining permits in Indonesia. Taking care of a license can be months or even years. These are processes that should continue to be simplified, so that everything runs fast. "

As a leader in document solutions, Astragraphia delivers printing and electronic-filing solutions for Notary and PPAT that are easy to use & can improve time and cost efficiency.

This solution is run through the DocuCentre S2520 / S2320 device, Fuji Xerox's best-performing and tested multifunctional devices can improve document management efficiency. Office needs such as copy, scan, and fax can be done in one same device. In addition to easy operation (user friendly), there is also a feature booklet printing, so document deed consisting of several pages can be printed in booklet form automatically in less than 3 minutes. In addition, the quality of Fuji Xerox toner (Laser technology) that is not easily faded is also suitable for the needs of Notary and PPAT, where document deed must be able to survive up to at least 10 years.

This solution is supported by DocuWorks 8 software which is an application for document handling that allows users to store and share information in various settings easily (electronic filing). Advantages with e-filing solutions such as facilitate and speed up the process of searching documents whenever needed.

Currently, the DocuCentre S2520 / S2320 & DocuWorks solution and device has been marketed through all Astragraphia branch offices and Business Partner Astragraphia scattered throughout Indonesia (more info on the Astragraphia network can be found at