Pandemic Affected Local Creative Industry, Astragraphia Holds ASIK Jogja Class

Astragraphia Provides Free Training and Promotion Facilities for Creative Industry UMKM Players in Yogyakarta to Be Able to Revive

Yogyakarta, September 30, 2020.

The impact of a pandemic Covid-19 felt by the entire people of Indonesia, especially for business people, for example in Yogyakarta. From the information obtained by Astragraphia, almost 90% of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Yogyakarta were heavily affected due to the declining trend and tourism activities in Yogyakarta.

Astragraphia once again held a webinar as a form of public contribution to 50 local Yogyakarta MSMEs engaged in the Creative Industry, especially in the fashion, culinary and craft subsectors with a turnover of one million to 25 million rupiah per month.

King Iriawan Sutanto - Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk supports this initiative and said "Astragraphia, which has a business focus in the fields of printing and digital services, fully supports the Creative Industry to rise during the pandemic through training programs on printing technology and creative packaging / label manufacturing and provision of MSME product marketing facilities. Today, our form of support is manifested through the ASIK Jogja Class to Creative Industry players in Yogyakarta. "

ASIK Jogja Class stands for Astragraphia Class for the Creative Industry in Yogyakarta. The aim is to provide online training on digital printing technology and workshops on creative packaging & labeling. ASIK Jogja Class training is carried out by Astragraphia employees who have competencies related to 50 SMEs in the fashion, culinary, and craft subsectors in the Yogyakarta Special Region.

Not only training, participants also get free business product publication facilities through Astragraphia's digital channels, namely OFiSKITA and free business promotion material printing facilities at several Astragraphia Print Shop Partner domiciled in Yogyakarta.

"After conducting audiences with various parties, we see that the quality of products and promotions of Indonesian MSMEs need to be supported thoroughly. In addition to prioritizing the quality of products offered by MSMEs in the market, the appearance of products in the form of packaging, labels, and various other product promotional materials will greatly determine the increase in selling value and business turnover. We recognize that this is in line with Astragraphia's business focus. Therefore, Astragraphia consistently organizes a series of ASIK Classes as Astragraphia's public contribution to support the creative industry in Indonesia. " - King.

The spirit and commitment of Astragraphia in supporting and encouraging the growth of the creative industry in Indonesia can be seen in the various activities carried out from city to city by collaborating with various parties, both from government agencies, professional associations, foundations, to communities.

Based on the results of an internal survey, 96% of micro and small business operators in the ASIK Class in the previous period agreed that an important role in sales and business continuity was highly dependent on product packaging and labels.

The sales decline is perceived by businesses reached 74% during the pandemic. As a form of support, Astragraphia continuously organizes a series of ASIK Class programs (Astragraphia Class for Creative Indonesia) throughout 2020.

Melinda Pudjo - Chief of Corporate Secretary & Communications of PT Astra Graphia Tbk said, "During the pandemic, Astragraphia held ASIK Classes online and had reached more than 300 MSMEs engaged in creative industries spread across the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan. with a turnover of 2 million to 400 million rupiah per month. In addition, Astragraphia is collaborating with a local print shop that can answer the needs of the MSMEs in packaging and labeling, so that the upstream to downstream processes in helping MSMEs market their products can be realized. Astragraphia hopes that the ASIK Class program can make a real contribution to UMKM players in increasing brand awareness and sales turnover in order to be able to realize competitive MSMEs, go-online, and move up in class. "