FujiFilm Trust Astragraphia to Expand Digital Offset (Jetpress) Penetration in Indonesia

PT FUJIFILM Indonesia (Fujifilm) announced the appointment of an official distributor for the Graphic System division business line. PT Astra Graphia Tbk (Astragraphia) is entrusted with handling marketing and after-sales services from a range of Fujifilm digital offset printing products throughout Indonesia. The strategic steps taken by Fujifilm and Astragraphia are expected to be able to accelerate the growth of the print industry that has the potential to support the development of Indonesia's creative economy.

Based on the projection of the Indonesian Graphic Companies Association (PPGI), the printing industry will continue to record positive growth every year, at least 10 percent of the predicted growth will occur at the end of 2019. The growth of the printing industry is supported by shifts and innovations in the creative industry.

Noriyuki Kawakubo - President Director of PT FUJIFILM Indonesia said, "Fujifilm is quite aware that the print industry in Indonesia is very potential, so in 2015, FUJIFILM Indonesia established the Graphic System Division, which presents a diverse range of products from offset CTP systems to the most sophisticated digital offset machines as solutions total for the print industry in Indonesia. We continue to strive to contribute to this industry by providing superior innovative products and comprehensive service solutions, one of which is by signing a distributorship agreement with Astragraphia today. We want to ensure that the product innovation we have is supported by qualified marketing and after-sales services. "

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation is a holding company of Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd. (Fuji Xerox), following in the footsteps of Fuji Xerox which this year celebrated 43 years of partnership with Astragraphia, Fujifilm did not hesitate to entrust Astragraphia to become the official distributor of Fujifilm digital offset products. "With the strength of sales & services networks that are reliable, experience, and wide range of services in more than 514 cities in Indonesia owned by Astragraphia, Fujifilm believes this collaboration will further strengthen Fujifilm's position in the printing industry in Indonesia," Kawakubo said.

Harry Halim - President Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk said, "The appointment of Astragraphia as a distributor by Fujifilm is not only a matter of pride, but it is part of the realization of Astragraphia's commitment to providing a more complete and comprehensive printing solution to customers."

Harry Halim added, "The dynamic creative industry needs to be supported by technology that is able to provide short-run and on-demand printing solutions with quality that is able to achieve even more quality offsets. Fujifilm Jet Press is the answer to those needs. With the addition of an inkjet technology line of digital offset products, Astragraphia with Fujifilm will be able to expand penetration in the print industry in Indonesia."