Support Education in Indonesia, Astragraphia runs the SMK BISA Link & Match program at SMK 2 Triple 'J'

Photo: Lilik Pratomo, SE, MBA. Principal of SMK 2 Triple 'J' & Melinda Pudjo, Chief of Corporate Secretary and Communications Astragraphia

Astragraphia inaugurated the collaboration with SMK 2 Triple 'J' for Multimedia Skills Competency, through the signing of an online Cooperation Agreement which was held on February 23, 2021. SMK BISA Link & Match is a derivative program of the government's agenda in order to prepare vocational high school graduates to be ready to enter the industrial world. Astragraphia views this program as a good opportunity to contribute to society, especially improving the nation's intelligence and the realization of Astragraphia's social contribution to the pillars of education.

At the signing ceremony, Astragraphia was represented by Melinda Pudjo as Chief of Corporate Secretary and Communications Astragraphia, Fitri Yuliani as Corporate Communications Dept. Head and team, and witnessed also by Darmawan Santoso, Branch Manager of Astragraphia Serpong and the branch team. Meanwhile, from the school the signing was carried out by Lilik Pratomo, SE, MBA. as the Principal of SMK 2 Triple "J", accompanied by Edy Waloyo, S.Pd. as Guardian Principal of the School of Industrial Relations, Muhammad Heryansyah, S.T. as the Head of the Multimedia Program, and Heru Salehudin, S.T. as Productive Multimedia Teacher.

Photo : Astragraphia Team and SMK Triple 'J'

In the SMK BISA Link & Match program with SMK 2 Triple 'J', Astragraphia arranges a series of activities that will be carried out throughout the 2 school year cooperation period until 2022. These activities include aligning the learning syllabus, Competence Aid Program (CAP) training, consulting on making multimedia teaching factories to supporting teaching and learning facilities. All of these activities can certainly assist the school in aligning the curriculum to the practice.

SMK 2 Triple 'J' is a pilot private educational institution located in the Citeureup area - Bogor, West Java. SMK 2 Triple 'J' is active in efforts to improve the quality of its graduates, one of which is by incorporating Multimedia Skills Competencies into their learning curriculum since 2015. Currently SMK 2 Triple "J" is in the process of building a practice room or Teaching Factory. similar to the print room, to be used by students as a place to practice regarding digital printing starting from the process of designing, printing and making simple labels.

Education is the main pillar in creating an intelligent generation. Through this activity, Astragraphia also supports the government's efforts in developing the education sector in Indonesia. The BISA Link & Match Vocational Education Program is a manifestation of the corporate culture to become a company that is increasingly Beneficial to the Nation and Life (Valuable to the Nation and Life).