Support the Revival of Bali's Creative Industries, Astragraphia organizes CAP Batch 3 through Creative Online Classes

July 10, 2020 - After cooperating with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia and the Dharma Bakti Astra Foundation in the Batch Competence Aid Program (CAP), this time PT Astra Graphia Tbk (Astragraphia) cooperated with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenparekraf RI) to hold the CAP Astragraphia Batch 3 under the name "Bali Batch Creative Class Online". Bali is the main destination of this Creative Online Class because Bali is one of the regions in Indonesia which has been affected quite heavily in recent months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the tourism sector.

The Bali Batch Creative Online Class was completed on 7 - 9 July 2020 specifically for 150 MSME entrepreneurs in the creative, culinary and craft sub-sectors of the creative sector in Bali by presenting several expert speakers who were Astragraphia people and several other speakers from Kemenparekrafraf RI. During the three days the participants were presented three different class topics namely "Defending Business in Crisis Times", "Marketing Strategies in the New Normal Era", and "Onboarding in Market Place".

On the first day, the Creative Online Class opened with remarks from the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the introduction of Astragraphia's business profile presented by Fitri Yuliani. Then on the 2nd day Creative Online Class, the class was guided by Lucia Retno Astrini as the moderator. Fitri Yuliani and Lucia Retno Astrini are Astragraphia's people from the Corporate Communications division.

The "Packaging on Demand" material presented by Handoko Projokusumo as Business Development Manager and Fitri Yuliani is introducing Astragraphia

During the Bali Batch Creative Online Class, participants get materials that are expected to help them survive and continue to struggle during the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the main topics presented to participants for three days was about packaging on demand to encourage participants to make more creative, attractive and add value product packaging so that they could enhance the competitiveness of their products.

Following are the training materials presented by Astragraphia's people in the Bali Batch Creative Online Classes:
1. Material 1 about "Packaging on Demand" presented by Handoko Projokusumo as Business Development Manager
2. Material 2 regarding "Packaging & Labeling Design" presented by Aditomo Priyo as Business Application Designer
3. Material 3 about "Creative Packaging & Labeling" presented by Aditomo Priyo and Indana Ulfah Sitompul as Business Application Designer

Aditomo Priyo and Indana Ulfah Sitompul as Business Application Designer are presenting on Creative Online Classes

Not only presenting comprehensive material on Creative Online Classes, Astragraphia also took the initiative to give appreciation to all participants in the form of go-pay vouchers, certificates, and free business publications on the OFiSKITA channel. As a form of full support to revive Bali's creative industry, Astragraphia also cooperates with Marga Kiranna (MK) Printing as Astragraphia partner printshop in Bali and provides additional appreciation to participants in the form of free logo design and packaging consultations, free business card printing and brochure printing or sticker labels.
Thank you to all Astragraphia people who have contributed to CAP Batch 3 - Bali Batch Creative Class Online, July 7-9, 2020. Hopefully the CAP that has been held can be a motivation for other Astragraphia people to be able to share knowledge in accordance with their respective competencies. Let's together realize the company culture to become people and companies that are increasingly beneficial to the nation and the life fairy (Valuable to the Nation and Life.)

Thank you and look forward to the next CAP Astragraphia Batch news!

Photo session with the committee, participants, and resource persons of the Bali Batch Creative Online Class