Competence Aid Program (CAP) Astragraphia Now Covering  Small Medium Business (SMB)

15 May 2020 – PT Astra Graphia Tbk (Astragraphia) has just organized Competence Aid Program (CAP) Batch 1 on 12-14 May 2020 online for 30 (thirty) SMB owners mostly in food business. CAP is one of Astragraphia’s public contribution pillars in education area. Started in year 2000, all of the trainers are Astragraphia’s employees in which we are committed to contribute in education to make the nation smarter.

CAP Online Astragraphia Batch 1

CAP’s participants are the SMB owners (especially in small and micro businesses) spread from Java to Kalimantan, with revenue starting from Rp.2m to Rp.400m per month. The product itself varies from fresh seafood, fresh milk to processed food such as; dimsum, salted eggs, shredded meat, to ready-to-drink drinks.


Day one, CAP started with Astragraphia’s profile by insan Astragraphia Mita Jasmine and Lucia Retno Astrini from Corporate Communications. During the event, the participants received information which hopefully could assist them in creating attractive packaging so that it can boost sales of their products.

Below is the list of the training’s topics along with the trainers in Batch 1:

  1. Topic 1 “Packaging Freedom” by Agung Nugroho - Graphic Communication Sales Operation Dept. Head
  2. Topic 2 “Packaging & Labeling Design Workshop” by Aditomo Priyo and Indana Ulfah Sitompul as Business Application Designer
  3. Topic 3 “On Demand Services” by Marshel Matulessy  -  Chief of Production PrintQoe
  4. Topic 4  “Online Promotion” by  Junialarasati Perdana as Content Editor, Nugraha Defri as Social Media Creative, and Anditia Putra as Social Media Specialist. The three of them are from Corporate Communications Services.

Marshel Matulessy- Chief of Production PrintQoe is presenting his material to  CAP’s participants.

And on the last day, the participants received additional information regarding the regulation and business licensing from Rangga Wirawan Gaus, as Agricultural Product Quality Supervisor from the Directorate of Processing and Marketing of Animal Products, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. Furthermore, the participants will receive gift, certificate and printing promotion. 

Miftah dan Dwinta, CAP Batch 1 participant who are selling ready-to-eat fresh seafood and processed seafood

Thank you to all insan Astragraphia who have contributed to CAP Batch 1, 12-14 May 2020. Hopefully this event will motivate others to share their knowledge according to their respective competencies. Let us implement the corporate culture to become a more useful “insan” and company for the nation and life.


Thank you and stay tuned for the next Batch of CAP Astragraphia!