Celebrating National Children’s Day of 2017, Astragraphia Introduces Indonesian Culture to Preschoolers through Folklore

Nowadays, the younger generation is more familiar with foreign cartoon characters than characters in traditional folklore. Astragraphia strives to grow back children’s interest in Indonesian folklore.

Astragraphia Document Solutions comes to Perguruan Cikini Kindergarten Jakarta to celebrate National Children’s Day 2017 on July 23, 2017. This celebration filled with handover ceremony of Fuji Xerox DocuCentre S2420 from Astragraphia to Perguruan Cikini Kindergarten and a puppet show of traditional folklore “Malin Kundang”. The main purpose of this activity is to introduces Indonesian cultural heritage that has been inherited by our ancestors since a long time ago in order to make it lasts forever.

Through this opportunity, Astragraphia donates a multi-functioned machine, Fuji Xerox DocuCentre S2420 to Perguruan Cikini Kinderganten. This machine comes in a concise design but has reliable performance. It has the ability to copy, print, and juga color scan by following some easy steps. That’s why it is very convenient for MSMEs or home industry, including Perguruan Cikini Kindergarten.

This handover receives a warm welcome from Perguruan Cikini Kindergarten because until now, the student’s creation such as paintings or other artworks had to be thrown away since they only have limited spaces. Using Fuji Xerox DocuCentre S2420, Perguruan Cikini Kindergarten teachers can scan student’s work and keep them digitally to be sent to the parents later. Therefore, parents could see the progress of their children or simply to keep them as a memory.

“Just like a plain paper, children are pure human beings that can absorb everything from their environment. They can imitate what they see, listen, and read. As parents, it is important for us to instill positive habits in children since preschool ages to develop their love to their homeland’s culture. Through this National Children Day celebration, I – as a representative of Astragraphia, am very happy for the opportunity given by Perguruan Cikini Kindergarten Jakarta so that we can contribute to the children’s education in Indonesia.” said Hari Mulyoraharjo, Chief of Corporate Communications & OS Astragraphia.

Introduces your kids to folklore is not only beneficial for cultural preservation. It also generates impact to our relationships with the children, develops their reading interest, children’s ability to read and tell stories and build their creative minds.