Acquainted with the Direct to Garment (DtG) Printing with Astragraphia and Epson

July 15, 2020 - Marketing strategies in the digital world are now increasingly developing. So many ideas and creativity that produce a variety of very interesting products. In fact, a variety of products that often appear on social media have increasingly varied shapes and designs. Of course, the various products of this creativity are produced from unlimited and imaginative ideas.

These various creative products, for example, are printed on the surface of the fabric. The presence of Direct-to-Garment (DtG) technology provides an opportunity for people to express their ideas and creativity. Using DtG printing technology, designers implement their designs on-demand digital printing on the surface of the fabric (textile) easily and quickly. Diret-to-Garment potential to open new opportunities for the printing and textile industry.

Astragraphia collaborates with EPSON Indonesia by marketing Direct-to-Garment products. On the next occasion, Astragraphia's Webinar will carry the title "New Business Opportunity Direct-to-Garment". With speakers from PT EPSON Indonesia, namely Mrs. Lina Mariani as Head of Commercial Industrial Printing and Mr. Virdyansas Priyo as Pre-Sales Commercial and Industrial Printer Business Unit of PT EPSON Indonesia introduced a product with DtG technology, namely EPSON SC FC2130.

The Astragraphia Webinar Session this time was opened with a speech from Mr. Eko Wahyudi as Chief of Executive Graphic Communication Services PT Astra Graphia Tb. 180 minutes long and attended by 98 public participants, this time the Webinar was moderated by Mr. Yulius Dion - Graphic Communications Services Product Marketing of PT Astra Graphia Tbk.

This Epson printer can print images or writing on cloth directly and the printouts have high resolution. The advantage of the EPSON SC F2130 printer is that it has white ink. This white ink offers a high-quality print on the surface of the fabric. In addition, the high performance of the EPSON SC F2130 can speed up the production process, low downtime, and is accompanied by after-sales service from Astragraphia, which is spread across 33 cabands and 93 service points throughout Indonesia. Not to forget, the one year warranty on this printer includes the Print Head and the Total Solution concept from EPSON so customers don't have to worry.