Astragraphia Supports Cross-Literature To Preserve HB Jassin's Literary Works

Through the Fuji Xerox Color 1000i Press printer, Astragraphia Document Solution and Fuji Xerox provide support for Literary Letters by printing independent magazines, Phrases

Archiving is indispensable to perpetuate and preserve all documents from time to time, including archiving of art and culture. This archive will be managed by archiving agencies both private and government to be traced back to the facts in the future. Archiving of the work is necessary so that these works can be an important record in the development of history and culture. One of the most comprehensive archiving agencies in Indonesia is the HB Jassin Center for Literary Documentation (PDS) which is timeless. But unfortunately, this foundation received less attention from the community. The presence of this foundation should be an attraction to trace the nation's culture or even to be a gathering place for people to exchange ideas about art and culture.

So far, most of the people who process the archives of PDS HB Jassin Center are only people who are involved in the field of literature. As for their professions such as writers, language teachers, literature students, and others. This archive processing activity has not been ogled by other professions. Whereas PDS HB Jassin has an important role in society and literary culture in Indonesia. This is what drives a group of creative young people named Lintas Rupa for invites the community to raise awareness of archive management, especially PDS HB Jassin with a more modern method. The method applied by Literature is expected to be more easily accepted by the wider community because it uses a lighter and simpler way of managing information. The system is to translate the PDS HB Jassin archives into the visual medium. It aims to present an alternative new experience on archives through artwork which is fun.

Cross-Visual Literature has been collecting funds independently through book sales and merchandising. Cross Literature has published an independent magazine called Phrase. Phrase magazine is the result of the visual experiment if the archive PDS HB Jassin themed culinary archipelago. Selection of the Phrase name is believed to bring together taste and literature, which is then published as an independent magazine. As much as 20% of the proceeds of Phrase Magazine will be

allocated to HB Yassin Archive Building. Astragraphia Document Solution provides support for Cross-Class Literature by printing Phrase Magazine using Fuji Xerox Color 1000i Press printer. Fuji Xerox Color 1000i is a product of Fuji Xerox which has the best gold ink and silver printing technology in its class. Interestingly, this printer is supported by the ability to print directly on black and red paper media. Fuji Xerox Color 1000i Press is a full-color printer that has a resolution of 2,400 x 2,400 dpi. This machine is capable of printing at speeds up to 100 ppm. Through this support, Astragraphia hopes the Indonesian people can jointly show concern for the preservation of national art and culture history. Hopefully, this movement can inspire people to care for, preserve and develop Indonesian art and culture, especially literary arts.