Astragraphia held a Competence Aid Program (CAP) for Multimedia Department students at SMK 2 Triple "J"

Jakarta, 23 February 2021, Astragraphia once again conducted a Competence Aid Program (CAP) training for 63 students majoring in multimedia from vocational school SMK 2 Triple "J", Citeureup Bogor.

This CAP activity is one of Astragraphia's activities in the SMK BISA Link & Match program which will run for 2 academic years. With the pandemic, this time the CAP is done online. For 2 hours the students and people of Astragraphia were involved in topics regarding the creative content creation process until they escalated in the form of designs.

Photo: Vocational High School 2 Triple 'J' students participating in CAP Astragraphia

The first topic regarding Creative Content Creation was delivered by Fitri Yuliani, as Corporate Communications Dept. Head Astragraphia. Students are invited to know how the content creation process is divided into 8 steps, starting from free storming, setting target readers, making an outline, writing process, choosing good words, promoting content, selecting media to evaluating the content and improving the evaluation. .

Just like the world of work, the content team will inform the design team of their ideas. The learning continued with the second topic, Design Creation, which was conveyed by Dion Rahadian as Astragraphia's Creative Designer. In this training, from the designer's point of view how to translate requests or briefings from the content team to the selection of the right visual design, whether in the form of 2D graphic design, animation, multimedia and so on. These students are given provisions regarding the design process of a design starting from the concept, the selected media, ideas / ideas, supporting data to the visualization process.

Photo: Dion Rahadian Creative Designer Astragraphia presenting the Design Creation training material

After being given material and an exciting question and answer session from students and teachers, the Astragraphia team also challenged the participating students and students to practice the material presented. Participants are given 2 weeks to make a design along with a caption which will later be published on their respective social media. The three best design concepts will receive a plaque, e-certificate and attractive gifts from Astragraphia.

Competence Aid Program (CAP) is Astragraphia's flagship program in the pillar of education. The training material is delivered by Astragraphia personnel who have the competence and enthusiasm to share in increasing the competence of teachers and students and providing inspiration to others.