Astragraphia Launches a Production Printer Machine Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 to Increase the Selling Power of MSME Products

Jakarta, 9 April 2019 - Astragraphia Document Solution launched a machine with the latest innovative technology, namely Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 aimed for MSMEs during the media discussion "The Role of Digital Print on Demand for MSMEs." As the number of MSMEs in Indonesia grew rapidly supported by the growth of e-commerce, the machine production printer Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 is here to answer the business needs of digital printing and MSMEs.  

Mangara Pangaribuan - Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk said, "The rapid development of MSMEs is one of our concerns. Based on the data from the Creative Economy Agency (BEKRAF), the largest contribution of MSMEs to Ekraf Subsector GDP, was the culinary sector by 41.40%, fashion at 18.01%, and labelling for packaging at 15.40%, this all three were sectors that the UMKM is currently rife. The more MSMEs move, of course, the economy will also be encouraged to continue to grow.

Based on the information from the Ministry of Industry, the contribution of the micro, small and medium enterprises sector to gross domestic product increased from 57.84 percent to 60.34 percent in the last five years. Uptake of labour in this sector also increased, from 96.99 percent to 97.22 percent in the same period. Therefore, MSMEs play a major role in becoming the backbone of the national economy.

Mangara Pangaribuan added, "The Presentation of the Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 Production Printer Machine is a complement to various series of machine production printers from Astragraphia Document Solution in providing digital print on demand solutions for MSME players. We believe that the presence of this machine can drive the growth of the creative industry business as a whole, starting from the MSMEs who are involved in the creative industry and MSME owners of print shops. We hope that PT Astra Graphia Tbk as a corporation can contribute to the development of the national economy. "

Ikhsan Ingratubun - Chairperson of the Indonesian Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (AKUMINDO) said "MSMEs have contributed 60 percent to the country's GDP and absorbed more than 96 percent of Indonesia's workforce. About 60 million MSMEs are in Indonesia, and 55 million of them are included in the micro business category, where micro businesses can generate a turnover of Rp. 300 million in one year. From the 55 million of these micro-entrepreneurs, culinary business becomes the most popular sector that already spread in major cities in Indonesia. "

Ikhsan added, "MSMEs need to make the appearance of products a top priority for the development of their product characteristics. In addition to prioritizing quality, the appearance of products in the form of packaging, as well as a variety of product promotion materials greatly determine the increase in selling value. Packaging products that are eye-catching, creative, colorful, modern, classy and precise can increase the added value and turnover of a product."

The printing industry, especially digital printing, requires creative industry SMEs in the graphic art (print shop), fashion, culinary, and craft sectors to create a flexible display of quality products. To meet these needs, Astragraphia Document Solution through a production printer machine Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 offers digital print on demand to create a quality product display both in terms of packaging and promotional material.

Eko Wahyudi - Chief of Graphic Communication Services PT Astra Graphia Tbk said, "Production printer machine Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 is a production printer machine that able to provide high-quality print results. As a market leader, we believe Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 can meet the needs of digital printing for MSME players by offering digital print on demand. Micro to medium entrepreneurs can print their needs in the print shop according to the amount needed which cannot be fulfilled by offset printing machines. We hope that the flexibility offered by Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 can encourage MSMEs to continue to be creative in creating product packaging and various attractive product promotion materials with optimal and quality results. "

Based on data released by IDC, throughout 2018 the Color Printing Machine and Fuji Xerox monochrome became the market leader in Indonesia with a market share of 61% and 75%.

Eko Wahyudi added, "In addition to supporting micro-to-medium businesses in creating quality and flexibility in print, specifically for small and medium-sized businesses engaged in the print shop business can also invest to have Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065, considering the printing industry will continue to grow along with increasing number of MSMEs in Indonesia. In addition, Astragraphia is committed to always providing the best service for customers by providing spare parts and consumables spread across 92 service centres and 32 branch offices in Indonesia.

David Donovan - Graphic Communication Services Product Marketing Dept. Head of PT Astra Graphia Tbk said, "Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 has a tagline Simply Professional, Amazingly Flexible that offers print flexibility for MSMEs with sharp, consistent and accurate image quality with a resolution of 2,400 x 2,400 dots per inch (dpi) that enables customers to print using 350 gsm of paper until printing UMKM product promotion material such as banners. This printer has a print speed of 65 ppm (page per minute) that we sell with prices starting at 400 million rupiah.

For information, Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 is a production printer machine that offers advantages such as GX-i Print Server, Rich IQ Adjustments, Advanced Calibration, and Automated Adjustments that also accommodate standard needs such as scan, copy, and print. Additionally, Fuji Xerox PrimeLink ™ C9065 also offers installation of software that supports Special Imaging Font (SIF) such as Micro Tech that produces 0.6 fonts of writing; UV, where you will see the image on the printout when using UV light; Correlation, where the name and image will be identified with Infra Red or when its rubbed with special paper.