Yogyakarta, 29 - 31 January 2019 - In order to initiate 2019 and be grateful for the operation and support team collaboration that has successfully passed various business challenges during 2018 in a compact manner, Astragraphia Document Solution successfully held the "Solution Executive Summit 2019". SES 2019 is a highly anticipated and special moment which is routinely held every two years by Astragraphia. This activity was held at Amarta Ballroom, Alana Hotel Jogjakarta and lasted for 3 days starting from January 29 - 31 2019. The event was attended by all Solutionist Executive Astragraphia from all over Indonesia including all Directors, the Branch Manager and Dept. Head, Business Consultants and System Analyst gather to listen to 2019 business direction exposure that packaged in the concept of team-building and branch performance to build a sense of togetherness for all SES 2019 participants.

Euphoria "Solutionist Executive Summit 2019" that held this year was very special and different from the previous one. The reason why is, the committee tried to provide a light and very contemporary atmosphere according to the typical millennial, by raising cinematic ambience into the Amarta Ballroom room. The participants seemed to be invited to reminisce to remember the favourite films they had ever watched. The theme of the 2019 SES event was raised: "Start Strong: New Phase, New Mindset, New Experience". On the first day, the opening ceremony was lively with a theatrical stage performance. Then, the event continued with the presentation of Business Direction 2019. Mr Mangara Pangaribuan as Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk said that he believed that it would be stronger to start for this year [Start Strong], stepping on a new phase [New Phase] to achieve the predetermined target. Together we open a new spirit and mindset [New Mindset] to grow together, always providing the best [New Experience] experience for our loyal customers.

(Photo Caption 1: Mr Mangara Pangaribuan as Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk explained the direction of Business Direction during the opening ceremony of "Solution Executive Summit 2019 on Tuesday, January 29, 2019)

On the second day - Wednesday, January 30, 2019, all levels of the Board of Directors, management and participants were invited to participate in the "Jogja Start Strong Race (JOSS Race)" taking some of the favorite tourist location points starting from: Yogyakarta city square, zero point, train museum, Malioboro shopping center, and Tamansari. JOSS Race is a concept of outbound and team-building games. So that the participants are expected to collaborate, have an unyielding attitude and stay focused on the goals to be achieved in a team. After successfully completing all the missions, the participants who will return to the Hotel must have prepared the insights they have received during the mission to be submitted to the committee.


(Photo Caption 2: All participants participating in the "Solution Executive Summit 2019" event take a group photo during the "Start Strong Race Jogja" session that surrounds several tourist spots in Jogjakarta.)

The night, as the closing of the SES 2019 event and also the most eagerly awaited moment, is the evening of the Platinum Award award for selected Solutionist Executives. Additionally, the winner category was also announced starting from Live Branch Performance, Video Competition, JOSS Race. Mr Rudy Sunarto as SES 2019 The President's Organizing Committee hopes that with SES 2019, it can become a briefing for a strong start and a new and current mindset, SES participants can develop more dynamically, give enthusiasm to run fast, inspire and experience the best to loyal customers so that they are all ready to reach the latest milestone in Astragraphia in 2019.

(Photo Caption 3: These are the 12 chosen people in the category of night winner in the Platinum Award Astragraphia Document Solution award as well as closing in the series "Solution Executive Summit 2019".)