Astragraphia, The Best Listed Company 2014 in Electronic Sector

JAKARTA – PT Astra Graphia Tbk (Astragraphia) was re-awarded as the Best Listed Company 2014 in Electronic Sector on "Malam Penganugerahan Investor Awards 2014" held by Investor Magazine on 8 May 2014 at Sasano Mulyo, Le Meridien Hotel. This is the sixth award received by Astragraphia after 2003, and the fifth award consecutively received since 2010. This awards was received by Mr. Harry Halim, President Director Astragraphia that newly appointed at AGMS Astragraphia in last April.


The Judges measure the performance of listed companies based on their fundamental and technical as well as resilience to face the economic votality. The fundamental side refers to the published financial perfomance, while technical performance related to liquidity and stock return. The Judges also gave serious attention in good corporate governance and corporate social responsibilty activities. This is in line with the theme of this year’s evaluation "Surfing The Waves of Election Years and Global Votality 2014". This theme concerns to listed companies resilience to face votality in the market and the economy, whether the votality related to election and uncertainty due to the global economic pressure.


The rating process implemented to the listed companies which pass the initial selection. The rating refers to eight parameters evaluation, among others return for one year, stock votality, stock liquidity, sales growth for three years, net operating margin, ROE (Return of Equity), ATO (Asset Turn Over) and operating profit growth over three years. Among listed companies engaged in the electronic sector, Astragraphia recorded the best performance. Return in 1 (one) year growth 3,17% along with the growth of Return of Equity of 30,52% and the growth of operating profit over three years of 22,25%.


"This consecutively award obtained by Astragraphia shows the quality of Good Corporate Governance in Astragraphia is consistenly well maintained. This award is an honor for our beloved company and as the major asset to pursue other achievements as a provider of business solutions based on information and communication technology as well as a good and strong foundation for Moving Towards the Next Level and Next Landscape," said Mr. Harry Halim.