Astragraphia Document Solution with Fuji Xerox Presents Creative Document Application Variant For Startup and Entrepreneur

Jakarta, June 8, 2017 - In the midst of the dynamic Indonesian economy, the competition between players becomes increasingly tight. Players or customers continue to strive to keep their business profitable and operate as effectively and efficiently as possible. Answering these challenges and needs, today, Astragraphia Document Solution outlines provides cost-effective enterprise spending solutions that are proven to provide efficiency for companies up to 30% or more.

For medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) and Start-ups, Astragraphia Document Solution also presents variants of creative document application that can encourage the emergence of new innovations for creative industry players homeland. Variants of creative applications introduced and demonstrated today include: anywhere and anytime print solution from KligMe, a print solution for Mug media, and DocuPix photo editing solutions for photographers.

"Variants of creative applications that we present, is expected to excite creative industry players so that they can continue to work and innovate, as to contribute to the national economic growth. We are proud, can be a mover and help the entrepreneur to develop its business scale more broadly, especially in the creative industry "he added.