Astragraphia Document Solution Support the Creative Industry and Business Photo Lab in Surabaya

Surabaya, April 26, 2017 - Surabaya is one of the big cities in Indonesia that actively develop creative industries, including graphics business. The players in this industry are also required to continue to innovate in producing superior products with technologically advanced machinery and has a high competitiveness with overseas products. To support the development, PT Astra Graphia Tbk, one of the subsidiaries of Astra International known as the leader in the field of document solutions in Indonesia consistently presents the latest printing machines to the city of Surabaya.

Fuji Xerox Versant ™ 180 Press has digital printing capabilities for images with color accuracy and stunning print quality. This machine is able to work more powerfully, so as to improve productivity and efficiency, suitable for use as an all-in-one solution in the Photo Lab business. To complement the advanced features of digital printing machines, Astragraphia also partners with a qualified partner of the photobook, Vpresa. This application allows users to compose a photobook in accordance with their needs through a smartphone. The trick is easy, just by selecting 20 photos from the existing photo album on a smartphone, voucher scan, and photobook will be printed and sent to the user address.