Jakarta, 25 January 2018 – Astragraphia Document Solution announces the launch of its new production printer, Iridesse™ Production Press, a high-end, professional-use printer. For the first time in the industry utilizing xerography, this new production printer with a six-color print engine is able to print different specialty colors including metallic with a single pass, by housing up to two additional specialty dry inks of gold, silver, clear and white.

First-in-the-industry single-pass, six-color engine realizes wide specialty color printing

With the newly developed single-pass, six-color print engine, Iridesse™ Production Press can print eye-catching images with the xerographic color printing process by using up to two special dry inks selected from gold, silver and clear in addition to the common cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). Going forward, white dry ink will also be added to the specialty dry ink lineup to accommodate printing on dark colored or other specialty papers. Compared to prints using only conventional CMYK dry inks, adopting special dry inks expands the range of expression, produces a premium finishing and provides more sense of seasonality of the printed images, which adds value for effective marketing activities.

The newly launched print engine enables CMYK dry ink layers to be processed on top of the special dry ink layer. In addition, an overlay of another specialty dry ink can also be processed on top of CMYK dry ink layers, which is a feature available with the previous product, the Color 1000i Press. While conventional offset printing requires mixing silver ink to make metallic ink, this new product realizes simultaneous printing of several metallic colors during a single printing process. 

The standard color library equipped in the product contains Pantone+Metallic and Pantone+Premium Metallic, which are swatches of metallic colors commonly used in the printing industry. By utilizing these color swatches, the operator can reproduce colors similar to Pantone metallic colors on printing materials by simply designating the color codes.

Ensuring basic performance to meet the expectations of professional users

Against the backdrop of rapidly diversifying consumers’ needs, the printing industry is adjusting its use of printing techniques. Instead of just relying on conventional offset printing, which performs well for high-volume jobs, more businesses are choosing on-demand printing, which is shorter in turnaround time and prints the necessary number of copies for catalogs, manuals, and advertising materials. While offset printing involves significant time and cost for making plates, adjusting colors and proofreading, digital printing can process jobs with less time and cost and add value to printed materials. Enhancing the value of print products with the use of their capital equipment, such as digital printers, is critical for printing companies to grow their businesses.

“As the industry leader, Astragraphia and Fuji Xerox keep developing our product so that we can contribute to the growth of customer’s business. Using the latest technology, we ensure the innovations we present cpuld encourage the development of the whole industry, from graphics business owners to consumers.” said Arifin Pranoto, Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk.

Astragraphia Gandeng Sastra Lintas Rupa

In Iridesse™ Production Press launch, Astragraphia collaborates with an art community called Sastra Lintas Rupa, involves a group of youth that translate literature work into a visual media. Astragraphia supports Sastra Lintas Rupa to print post card with visualization of the literature work in 1945. The income from the sales will be donated for HB Jassin Archive Building.
Sastra Lintas Rupa encourages the society to give more attention to the literature work archive with a more modern method, particularly the work that is available in HB Jassin Center of Literature in Taman Ismail Marzuki Complex. HB Jassin Center of Literature that is managed independently, usually only visited by literature enthusiasts that is currently making papers, like thesis, essays, or other research. This background story makes literature work seems conventional and unattractive.

The method that is used by Sastra Lintas Rupa is expected to be easier to attract the people, because they use simpler way to manage the information in literature work. This time, they bring out the visual expression of 1945’s work that mostly tell a story of the nation’s struggle before the independence day.

“Design is not only considering beauty, because the meaning in every design also take a big part of it. Through Sastra Lintas Rupa, we hope to resolve the social problems about literature work management by making visual designs. We think about how we could do to make a visual trend from literature work, so it remains popular in the society.” said Garyanes Yulius, one of the founder of Sastra Lintas Rupa Community.

This collaboration marks the second time Astragraphia supports Sastra Lintas Rupa. Previously, Astragraphia sponsored the printing of Frasa Magazine, the visual experiment of HB Jassin’s work in a form of culinary themed visual designs. Frasa magazine successfully sold out in a month.

System Analyst Astragraphia

Astragraphia and Fuji Xerox are known as a brand that put forward the customer service experience. Besides maintaining its product quality, Astragraphia also maintains its human resource. System Analyst division in PT Astra Graphia Tbk had passed the training and got certified by ISO 12647 from FOGRA, non-profit organization from Germany that present International standardization (ISO) for digital color machine.

Iridesse™ Production Press Launching event was sponsored by Uchida Yoko Global Limited, PT Karyaterang Sedati with Camel Digiprint brand, and PT Surya Palacejaya