Astragraphia Document Solution Improves the Advancement of Science in Indonesia through University Press Solutions, Complete Solutions for Needs

Surabaya, October 7, 2017 - Astragraphia Document Solution supports the advancement of education in Indonesia, particularly in the higher education sector, through University Press solutions. This solution can answer and accommodate the needs of scientific publications from civitas academica, ie lecturers, students, and other campus members. The process of publishing text and printing documents on-demand can be much easier.

"In this digital era, the need for physical printing is still much needed, especially for academic purposes. Based on data from BPS, currently, the number of universities in Indonesia reaches more than 700 institutions spread across Indonesia. As a service provider and printing solution, Astragraphia Document Solution is committed to supporting educational needs in Indonesia by providing University Press with the right solutions for universities, "said Arifin Pranoto, Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk.

In accordance with the mission of education of the Republic of Indonesia, Astragraphia Document Solution encourages academics to continue to innovate and create scientific work that is useful for improving education in Indonesia. Beginning in October 2017, the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology Higher Education just signed a partnership with the Swedish government to jointly promote and promote the progress of science and technology. The main focus in this collaboration is on higher education.

The presence of University Press in the higher education sector in Indonesia can shorten the publishing process of lecturers and teachers, so students also become easier and faster in accessing scientific papers written by lecturers and teachers. Without University Press solutions, publishing scientific papers are usually published through public publishing. This method must surely go through a longer process and take longer time. University Press from Astragraphia Document Solution is expected to be one of the triggers for lecturers and teachers to create as many scientific works, which can be useful for the advancement of the science of the Indonesian nation.