Astragraphia and Fuji Xerox Introduce the “Smart Work Gateway” concept and the digital Multifunction Devices ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C Series

Jakarta, January 17, 2017 – Astragraphia and Fuji Xerox introduced the Smart Work Gateway concept, which is the latest innovation platform in the digital age to support multiple workstations that enable businesses, IT managers, and office workers to work more productively, efficiently and mobile.

With this Smart work Gateway platform, businesses can now seamlessly manage documents from multifunction devices to PCs, Notebooks or mobile devices, for example: scans and print via mobile devices through various mobile applications (Google Cloud Print, AirPrint, Mopria Print, Fuji Xerox Print Utility, Wifi Direct), manage document workflows quickly and effectively, even scanning different types of documents in one click.

In addition, with the concept of Smart Work Gateway is expected to create an ecosystem where various multifunction devices can be connected to each other so that users can take prints on any machine that is connected (On Demand Print), without requiring Print Server (Serverless) So as to save costs investment and increase work productivity of business people.

As an important component that supporting the Smart Work Gateway concept, Astragraphia and Fuji Xerox launched 14 models of the ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C Series C-series multifunction devices, namely:

  • ApeosPort-VI C2271, DocuCentre-VI C2771
  • ApeosPort-VI C3370, DocuCentre-VI C3370
  • ApeosPort-VI C3371, DocuCentre-VI C3371
  • ApeosPort-VI C4471, DocuCentre-VI C4471
  • ApeosPort-VI C5571, DocuCentre-VI C5571
  • ApeosPort-VI C6671, DocuCentre-VI C66771
  • ApeosPort-VI C7771, DocuCentre-VI C7771

To target the needs of the small, medium and large office.
In addition to the office segment, the DocuCentre-VI C series is also suitable for beginner-grade Graphic Arts (digital printing services) customers due to varied paper variations, better print quality and consistency with Super EA Eco-Toner. The development of multifunctional devices:

  1. Latest Processor (Lastest CPU), Lastest Toner (Super EA Eco-Toner).
    The lastest powered faster CPUs make higher printing productivity with faster document printing speed 25% than previous models, In addition, there is an enhanced Serverless On Demand Print feature that is capable of connecting 50 devices (previously 5 devices). The latest Super EA Eco-Toner offers the smallest particles in its class*2. (allowing for smoother sound, while smelting at temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius lower than conventional toner, making it more energy efficient)
  2. High speed & Fastest scanning in this class
    The ApeosPort-VI C6671 and C7771 models have improved scanning productivity, reaching 270 duplex page per minute, the fastest in its class*3. Scanning large volume documents can be done efficiently because Fuji Xerox devices are able to scan the front and back of two-sided documents in a single scan.
  3. Variations of Full Paper Media in its class.
    Paper variants that support more for office needs are: Auto duplex (back and forth) from 220 gsm to 3000 gsm (highest in its class) and also features long paper printing (maximum 2.1 meters) through side tray machine.
  4. Easy operation and maintenance the machine
    Easy operation and maintenance the machine is obtained by the help information feature on the device screen or it can be accessed through the smartphone. Also available is optional large UI with 10.4-inch screen size for operational ease. Apeos-VI also facilitates the process of paper jam removal becomes faster, which prevo=iously need to open 3 covers, currently only 1 cover only.
    The simple Image Equality Adjustment (SIQA) feature is also available for simple machine calibration, which increases machine uptime.

Arifin Pranoto, Director of PT Astra Graphia Tbk said, “ Smart Work Gateway is launched in response to the needs of our customers who want a platform that can improve work productivity, accommodate employee work styles, and remain competitive in core business”.

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