Privacy Policy


The PT Astra Graphia Tbk (the "Company") website, which can be accessed via ("Astragraphia Site"), is a digital platform for the Company's stakeholders, shareholders, media partners, and customers (“User”). This Privacy Policy is a form of the Company's commitment to respect and protect the personal information of Astragraphia Site Users. This Privacy Policy governs how the Astragraphia Site, online activities and content are used in connection with information shared and/or collected by the Company. 

User Information


The Company will ask for personal information such as name, email, and telephone number. The personal information will be recorded when the User corresponds or requests further information about the Company. The Company assumes that all personal information provided to the Company is correct, if the information provided is proven to be incorrect, then the Company is not responsible for any consequences that will arise in the future, because the Company obtains the personal information voluntarily and without any coercion.


The Company will use the personal information for the verification process, communicating with Users (directly or indirectly), and providing information.

Internal System Maintenance


The Company will always strive to protect Users' personal information by establishing internal regulations for the protection of personal information based on this privacy policy and providing continuous instructions to Company employees on how to handle personal information.

Acknowledgment and Approval


By accessing the Astragraphia Site, the User acknowledges that the User has read and comprehended this Privacy policy and that the User consents to the Company's use, practice, processing, and transfer of User's Personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Review and Changes


The Company will review the protection of personal information on a regular basis and take appropriate action to correct any issues that arise. The Company may update this Privacy Policy (and additional privacy policies) at any time without obtaining written permission from any party. Users are encouraged to periodically check the policy for the latest changes.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction


This Privacy Policy is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Any and all disputes arising from this Privacy Policy will be governed by the exclusive jurisdiction of the Central Jakarta District Court.

Contact Us


If the User has further questions including regarding this privacy policy, they can contact:

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Telephone : +62 21 3909190; +62 21 3909444