Announcement of Results of Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 2008

In the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders PT Astra Graphia Tbk, placed on Jakarta ("the company") which was held on August 20, 2008 at Sumba B Room, 3rd floor Hotel Borobudur, Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta, things have been decided as follows:


  1. Giving an approval on Shares Purchase Plan of PT SCS Astragraphia Technologies as much as 39.269 shares or 50,99% of Singapore Computers System Limited with the price entirely, Rp.89.997.708.175,-
  2. Giving an approval and attorney to Board of Directors to do all the actions that are needed in order to implement the above plan of acquisition, among others, change status and Basic Budget of PT SCS Astragraphia Technologies proper to agreement in Conditional Share Purchase and Joint Venture Termination Agreement with Singapore Computer Systems Limited on June 24, 2008, signed a Deed of buying and selling Stocks with Singapore Computers Systems Limited, also make and sign agreements, deeds, letters and other documents that are required as well as doing reporting, registration and other actions necessary to authorized institutions based on compliance regulations


Jakarta, August 22nd, 2008