Astragraphia Maintaining Dividend Distribution of 60%

Jakarta 18 April 2013 - PT Astra Graphia Tbk (ASGR) distributes dividend 60% from net income. The dividend value increase 23% compare to the previous year from Rp 62.- to Rp.76.- per share. This is possible attained due to the increase of net income to Rp 171 Billion. The dividend value of Rp 76,- per share includes the interim dividend amounting Rp 15.- which has been paid in November last year. The remaining Rp 61.- will be paid on 28 May 2013.

"Astragraphia has accomplished 20% net income target growth with the value of Rp 2,1 Trillion and 23% net profit growth with the value of Rp 171 Billion," stated by Lukito Dewandaya, President Director of Astragraphia at the Public Expose event which was held immediately after the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. In his speech, he explained that this accomplishment achieved through strengthening of the organization, improving of the internal productivity, and optimizing of net income by emphasizing on the portfolio with a significant margin.

Beside approving the regular agenda of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, the Meeting have also approved the change alterations of member of the Board of Commisioners and Directors of Astragraphia, due to the resignation of Angky Tisnadisastra as President Commisioner and Jusuf Darwin Salim as Director of Astragraphia, so that the composition of the member of the Board of Commisioners and Directors of Astragraphia will be as follows:

- President Commisioner : Paulus Bambang Widjanarko E.S.
- Commisioner : Gunawan Geniusahardja
- Independent Comisioner : Inget Sembiring

- President Director : Lukito Dewandaya
- Vice President Director : Herrijadi Halim
- Director : Michael Alexander Roring
- Director : Lim Eng Poh (Calvin Lim)
- Director : Arifin Pranoto


PT Astra Graphia Tbk (ASGR) is a public company established in 1976 and listed its shares in the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1989. ASGR is focusing on providing Business Solutions based on DICT (document, information and communication technology), through two business units, namely Document Solution with Fuji Xerox as main partner, and ICT Solution business unit through its subsidiary, PT Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT). ASGR has network of 81 service points spreading across 29 branch offices throughout Indonesia.

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