Astragraphia Share Dividends about 100% from net profit 2006

Jakarta, April 27, 2007 - PT Astra Graphia Tbk (ASGR) recorded an increase in net profit a very significant about 54,1% from the previous year. Increase in net profit coincided with increasing net income by 13.5% from Rp.545,46 billion in 2005 to Rp.619,04 billion in 2006. "This Achievement due to the company's readiness to continue to grow and develop the business particularly in utilizing market improved conditions," stated by Lukito Dewandaya, President Director Astragraphia in public exposure held after closing of ASGR annual general meeting of shareholders today.

In accordance with the decision of the AGMS this time, ASGR distributing dividend by Rp.40,-/share. The value of this dividend has included interim dividends by Rp.8,- distributed in November last year by ASGR, and the remaining Rp.32,- will be paid to shareholders ASGR on 19 June 2007. Thus ASGR distributing dividend about 100% net profit in 2006 after deducting the cost of reserve fund.

To plan ahead, especially the core business remains continuing double-digit growth targets. "Business strategy in 2006 is still relevant to the conditions in 2007, only needs to be done sharpen on several fronts. Aside from it's going to look for new business opportunities that could make Astragraphia become ‘Big & Beautiful'," stated by Lukito.

Related to such matters, the AGMS also has approved changes of directors structures to be as follows:

President Director : LUKITO DEWANDAYA
Vice President Director : HERTANTO MANGKUSASONO

PT Astra Graphia Tbk (' Astragraphia ') is a public company listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSE) and the Surabaya stock exchange (SSX) since 1989. Current and forward Astragraphia will continue to leverage their efforts in the field of provider integrated Document solutions and information technology solutions. In an effort to expand the reach of its marketing, Astragraphia was supported by 75 service points including 21 branch offices spread across Indonesia

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