Business Ethics (Code of Conduct).

Astragraphia has a Code of Conduct that helps set out behavioral standards applied within Astragraphia’s internal organization, which standardize relationships between employees, Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and also the relationships with external parties such as shareholders, affi liated companies, principals, investors, customers, suppliers, Government, communities and the surrounding environment.

This behavioral manual is communicated to employees on the date of their acceptance as Astragraphia employees, and during the introductory training is socialized at every occassion so that employees will always remember and comply with the guidelines properly.

Should there be a violation of these Business Ethics, therefore sanctions shall be applied to the offender as stipulated in the Company’s regulations.


Corporate Culture.

Astragraphia has been implementing a corporate culture abbreviated as VIPS, which refers to:

1. V: Valuable to the Nation and Life

2. I: Innovative and World Class Excellence

3. P: Preferred Partner for the Customer

4. S: Synergetic Teamwork