, 24 February 2016



Net Revenue of Astragraphia Year 2015 Increases 16%


Jakarta, 24 February 2016 – PT Astra Graphia Tbk (ASGR) (“Astragraphia”) has successfully achieving consolidated net revenue amounting to Rp 2.65 trillion or grew 16% compare to  year 2014 achievement. While net income increased 2% amounting to Rp 265.12 billion compare to last year achievement which was Rp 260.27 billion, or consolidated net income from operations grew 14% as there was gains on the divestment of PT AGIT Monitise Indonesia shares by PT Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT) in 2014.


This good performance was contributed by all Astragraphia business units. Net revenue of document solutions business unit grew 14% generated from recurring revenues and unit sales. Information and communications technology solution business unit which was run by AGIT, net income grew 17% mostly generated from project and applications sales that have been developed by AGIT (own solution). Office services business unit which was established in February 2014 with the name of PT Astragraphia Xprins Indonesia (AXI) has launched e-commerce namely axiqoe.com, conducted in the early 2016.


From such net income of year 2015, Astragraphia had distributed interim dividends of Rp 25 per share to the shareholders paid on 16 October 2015. The total dividend will be resolved in the coming Annual General Meeting of Shareholders which will be held in April 2016.  Astragraphia plans to conduct the Annual Public Expose at the same day after holding the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders.















About PT Astra Graphia Tbk:


PT Astra Graphia Tbk (ASGR)  is a public company established in 1975 and listed its shares in Indonesian Stock Exchange since 1989. ASGR is focusing on providing Business Solutions based on document technology, information and communication. ASGR has two subsidiaries, namely  PT Astra Graphia Information Technology (AGIT) which focuses on information and communication technology (ICT) and PT Astragraphia Xprins Indonesia (AXI)  with main portfolio Xprins as digital and variable data printing service provider and  Layan Gerak as a mobile services for office supplies and office products to meet daily requirements of corporate and individual needs. ASGR has network of 91 service point spreading across 31 branch offices throughout Indonesia.


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