Tokyo, 17 June 2009


TOKYO, June 17, 2009 – Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd will turn its summer corporate program, which aims to enhance environmental consciousness and relevant actions of its employees in Japan and overseas, into an annual campaign. The program, called the “Love Earth Action Fuji Xerox (Leafx) Campaign,” provides all employees with opportunities to participate in environmental protection and social action programs at work, in their local communities and at home. 

This year’s campaign will commence full-scale with participation in the “CO2 Reduction/Lights-Down Campaign” organized by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, which starts on June 20. Fuji Xerox will hold the Leafx Campaign, which had hitherto been held over a limited period from June through September, throughout the year, so that a larger number of employees and their families can participate. In addition, starting in July, a new contest that endorses environmental protection activities of individuals and households will be added to the campaign. 

Fuji Xerox has been running the Leafx Campaign every summer since 2003, and its scale has been expanding year by year; starting with energy conservation in the home and workplace, in 2006 the company participated in the Ministry of the Environment’s “CO2 Reduction/Lights-Down Campaign”, and in 2007 in the “Candle Night by a Million People.” The Leafx Campaign has now been made global, with the participation of not only all domestic business sites and affiliates but also 14 overseas affiliates including PT Astra Graphia Tbk in 2008. The total number of participants reached 36,500. 

The new contest that Fuji Xerox will launch in July invites employees to showcase their efforts: Examples include projects such as making eco-bags out of cast-off clothes, weekly participation in local clean-up activities and making bookshelves out of plastic bottles. Prizes including eco-friendly goods will be awarded for the best efforts. 

There is also a reward program called the “volunteer points system.” Employees gain points by reporting their participation in programs that are part of the Leafx Campaign, and awards are given to companies, business sites and individuals who earn higher points. 

Fuji Xerox donates an amount equivalent to the total number of points earned by all participants to UNICEF and WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). This program ultimately allows efforts by individuals to contribute to society, and the company made an overall donation of 329,430 yen in fiscal 2008. Now that Fuji Xerox expands the campaign to be held throughout the year, it anticipates more donations to make.

Outline of Key Programs

Programs at offices and business sites
  CO2 Reduction/Lights-Down Campaign
Fuji Xerox and its domestic affiliates will turn off their lighting facilities at 37 locations. Overseas affiliates also participate in this initiative.

Energy-Saving Initiatives at Work
Fuji Xerox encourages energy conservation in daily activities in the workplace, particularly in the summer when power consumption grows, setting the room temperature to 28 degrees Celsius, turning lights off during breaks, switching off office equipment when not in use, and using the stairs whenever possible.